• Tipping is not compulsory. If, however, you would like to tip because you have received good service, we have enclosed a brief guideline to assist you.
    You may wish to add a nominal amount ranging between US$ 10.00 to US$ 30.00 per day for incidentals (subject to personal budget choice) – i.e. if additional activities are booked once on your journey, if travel arrangements change for any reason, in acknowledgement of good service received in another area, etc.Regional
  • Guides, Specialist Guides & Butlers – We recommend US$ 10.00 per guest per day.
  • Mokoro Paddlers & Trackers – We recommend that each paddler receive US$ 5.00 per guest per day and that camp/lodge trackers receive US$ 5.00 per guest per day.
  • The General Safari Camp, Lodge or Hotel Staff – We recommend about US$ 10.00 per guest per day for safari camps/lodges. This should be placed in the communal tipping box to be distributed equally amongst all the staff.
  • Transfer Driver – We recommend about US$ 2.00 to US$ 3.00 per guest per movement.
  • Porterage – We recommend about US$ 2.00 to US$ 3.00 per guest per movement.

We recommend tipping your guide directly and making use of the gratuity box in the main area for the general camp/lodge staff.
Some properties have slightly different gratuity schedules and these are usually clearly stipulated in their collateral.


  • At North Island, we work as a team to ensure that you have a memorable stay. All gratuities are appreciated and payable at your discretion.
  • Tips are pooled and equally divided between all the staff; individual tipping is only encouraged for your two villa attendants.
  • We are often asked about the extent of expected gratuities since North does not have a compulsory service charge.

Should you feel it is due, then an offer of Euro 50.00 for general staff per day is advised, as well as for each of your villa attendants.

South Africa

  • Transfer Driver – We recommend about ZAR 20.00 per guest per movement.
  • Drivers and/or Guides on Sightseeing Excursions – For half day tours we recommend about ZAR 60.00 per guest and for a full day tour we recommend ZAR 120.00 per guest.
  • Safari Guides/Trackers at Game Lodges – We recommend about ZAR 120.00 per guest per day for the guide and ZAR 80.00 per guest per day for the tracker.
  • Porterage – We recommend about ZAR 15.00 per guest per movement.
  • Hotel/Guest House/Game Lodge Staff – We recommend about ZAR 50.00 per guest per day for hotel staff, i.e. housekeeping, etc.
  • Blue Train & Rovos Rail – We recommend about ZAR 100.00 per guest per day for your cabin attendant and about ZAR 75.00 per guest per journey for your dining car waiter.

Restaurants & Hotels

  • 10% is customary on meal accounts if you are satisfied with the service.

Generally speaking, gratuities can be paid in cash (local or foreign currency, i.e. US Dollars, Euro) or alternatively, depending on the establishment, by credit card or Travellers Cheques.

We would like to emphasize that tipping is definitely not a requirement and should be undertaken only by choice, dependent on the service received.